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March 28, 2016
Sunlight, water, and soil are three vital ingredients to plant survival. But long term survival requires the ability to reproduce, and for that, pollinators get virtually all the credit. A plant’s ability to create seeds depends on pollination. For that to occur, primarily insects such as bees and butterflies, hummingbirds, and thousands of others must move pollen from one flower to the next for the fertilization to occur that allows the flower to produce seeds. Wind sometimes moves pollen, but the vast majority of plants rely on pollinators.

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Pink Mink Clematis  Photo
Solution Oriental Lily  Photo
Zinfin Doll Hydrangea  Photo
Tiny Tuff Stuff Hydrangea  Photo
Queen of Hearts Butterfly Bush  Photo
Carmine Jewel Bush Cherry  Photo
Pardon My Cerise Monarda  Photo
Sonic Bloom Weigela  Photo
Raspberry Sundae Hosta  Photo
Amber Jubilee Ninebark  Photo

 Planting Instructions For Trees and Shrubs

Be sure to plant your new tree or shrub in a site that will allow it to thrive. Different plants have different needs. Make sure the plant you have chosen has ample room to grow (spread & height), proper lighting, correct drainage and soil type to meet its needs. Check with your nursery professional for tips on choosing a site, planting and caring for your plant. >>MORE

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What is Downy Mildew and the Emerald Ash Borer? - April 3, 2014
Two hot button topics that keep appearing in the gardening world are the invasion of the Emerald Ash Borer and the spread of Impatiens Downy Mildew. Though these both pose issues for the every day gardener, they should not stop you from exploring and reinventing your garden. Whether you have Ash trees that need to be replaced, or have been using impatiens to bring color to your garden for years; we are here to help you find alternatives that bring color and beauty to your landscape. >>MORE

PLANT FEVER - March 16, 2013
Each and every year at Peck’s finds our team in a fever of excitement over the new selection of plants that are offered to us by our wonderful growers. Those who are familiar with Peck’s are aware that we are known for plants...a wide variety of plants! We appreciate the “tried & true” varieties, and we are especially proud to offer so many new varieties each year. In fact, this year we have added over 90 new varieties of just perennial flowers...and that does not include the new trees, woody shrubs, or annual flowers!!! “New plant fever”...YEP, we’ve got it! >>MORE

New Gardening Ideas for 2012 - March 30, 2012
Each year brings new ideas, techniques, and challenges to our world of plants and horticulture. Sometimes old fashioned plants get a facelift and renewed interest with the introduction of new cultivars, and we will briefly mention a few of those. Sometimes world news events motivate a renewed interest in horticulture. >>MORE

New Varieties for the New Season - March 15, 2011
Trends over the past few years have been for plants with traits reflecting long lasting color, easy care, and producing healthy foods. Of the many, many new plant varieties that we are offering this year, the following are a few of the ones that really display these characteristics: >>MORE

The Newest Plant Varieties! - March 21, 2010
New plant varieties are exciting and bring new dreams each year for plant lovers. However, those new varieties also bring tough decisions as we can't have them all...and it is so hard to choose which ones are the best for us! . >>MORE

Plant Today for a Better Tomorrow...planting means a better environment & can bring you a fatter wallet! - March 21, 2009
The beauty and aesthetic value of trees, shrubs and plants are readily recognized and lauded by almost everyone. Often overlooked is the significant national and economic value of the managed landscape…the trees and plants under continual care in public, commercial and residential settings. In fact, landscaping is the only urban infrastructure that increases in value over time. Sewers, roads and water systems deteriorate while trees and plants grow to provide increased benefits each year. >>MORE

The Newest & Coolest... 2008 Plant Treasures - February 10, 2008
Is there anyone who does not know that plants are essential to life? We often think about the beauty or the aesthetic value of plants…and rarely remember the true need for plants in order to sustain life on our planet. When you visit us this season and walk through our nursery and other garden center/nurseries around the country, you will see this O2 tag on many plants as a reminder that plants are the producers of earth’s oxygen. >>MORE

Plant Treasures for 2007 - March 21, 2007
Sustainability seems to be the current buzzword in the world of horticulture. >>MORE

Plant Treasures for 2006 - March 12, 2006
Exciting new plants burst on the scene this spring at Peck's... >>MORE

Japanese Beetle Info - July 24, 2003
Japanese beetles pose a threat to many plants in our landscapes. The following information about Japanese beetles may help many of you who are finding the beetles this summer. >>MORE

Butterfly Garden - June 10, 2002
Is your yard a haven for butterflies? It’s easier than you think! A successful butterfly garden feeds caterpillars and butterflies throughout the season. More food plants for caterpillars and flowers for butterflies brings more of both to your garden spring through fall. >>MORE